About Music4Music.org

General Information

Music4Music.org is a free website where “Artists” can post their music and “Listeners” can search, listen to artist’s music and create playable playlists. Our mission statement is to help musicians spread their music with the world by creating a website that’s easy to use, free and accessible to all. In addition to being free, the website also has no advertisements. Our website is designed to be responsive and is formatted perfectly for the computer, phone and tablet. It is also completely accessible to the blind.

Philosophy Behind the Site

The idea behind Music4music.org is that music is simply better when its created for its own sake and shared equally with the world, instead of being created for money or fame. The creators of Music4music.org do understand, however, that everyone needs to make a living which is why artists can also post free songs in order to help advertise for their other music. However, all songs on Music4music.org are available to stream for free and we encourage all artists to give away as much free music as possible.

About the Creator

Clayton McGary has been playing music since he was six. In 1999 after 12 years of classical lessons, Clayton started writing music and has been creating original music ever since. This is the 3rd major website Clayton has designed in partnership with Touched Be Blessed Services (see link at bottom of page).



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